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Consumer A & G Line Products

A12 Cleaner Wax A16 Quik Wax A21 Deep Crystal Polish
A22 Deep Crystal Wax A25 Soft Wash Gel A30 Deep Crystal Cleaner
A33 Quik Detailer A3318 QD Aerosol G1016 Smooth Surface Kit
G103 Scratchx G106 Vinyl Protectant G107 Bug & Tar Rem.
G108 Trim Detailer G109 Leather Wipes G110 Leather Cleaner
G111 Leather Conditioner G112 Leather Foam G115 Protectant Wipes
G117 All Purpose Wipes G118 Colorx G120 Hot Shine Spray
G122 Dash & Trim Foam G123 Plastx G124 Hot Shine Gel
G125 NXT Tire Cleaner G126 NXT Soap G127 Tech Wax
G128 NXT Spray Wax G129 NXT Tech Protect G130 NXT Metal Polish
G131 NXT Insane Shine G132 NXT Speed Detailer G133 NXT Glass Cleaner
G134 NXT Trim Detailer G135 Mag & Alu. Polish G136 Quik Interior Wipes
G138 Tire Protectant G139 Tire Foam G140 Chrome Wheel Cleaner
G141 Wheel Wash G143 Alu. Wheel Cleaner G144 Ultimate Detailer
G146 Quik Wheel Detailer G149 Carpet Stain Remover G159 Carpet Foam
G161 Chrome Polish G23 Odor Eliminator G41 Natural Shine
G70 Gold Class Wax G71 Gold Class Soap G72 Leather Conditioner
G74 Endurance Natural G75 Endurance Gloss G95 All Wheel Cleaner


Detailer Line


D101 All Purpose Cleaner

D108 Super Degreaser D103 All Purpose Cleaner Plus
D110 Hyper Wash D11101 Shampoo Plus D112 Super Soap
D120 Glass Cleaner D140 Wheel Brightener D150 X-Press Wax
D151 Paint Rec. Cream D151 Last Touch D130 Body Solvent
D160 All Season D161 Silicone Free D162 Solvent Based
D170 Hyper Dressing D171 Water Based D180 Leather Conditioner
D4610 Accent Coating D102 Carpet Foam D151 Last Touch Foam
D120 Glass Cleaner Aerosol D105 Safe Degreaser  
  Mirror Glaze Line  
M01 Medium Cut Cleaner M02 Fine Cut Cleaner M03 Machine Glaze
M04 Heavy Cut Cleaner M05 New Car Glaze M06 Cleaner Wax
M07 Show Car Glaze M09 Swirl Remover M10 Plastic Polish
M17 Plastic Cleaner M18 Plastic Detailer M20 Polymer Sealant
M21 Synthetic Sealant M23 Odor Eliminator M26 Yellow Wax
M28 Metal Polish M34 Final Inspection M39 Vinyl Cleaner
M40 Vinyl Conditioner M62 Car Wash Shampoo M66 Quick Detailer
M80 Speed Glaze M81 Hand Polish M82 Swirl Free Polish
M83 Dual Action Cl./Pol. M84 Compound Power Cl. M85 Diamond Cut
M86 Cut & Polish Cream M95 Speed Cut M105 Ultra Cut
S1025 Unigrit Sand Paper S1225 Unigrit Sand Paper S1525 Unigrit Sand Paper
S2025 Unigrit Sand Paper S2525 Unigrit Sand Paper S3025 Unigrit Sand Paper
K1000 Sanding Block K1500 Sanding Block K2000 Sanding Block
M99 Ultimate Wipe E7200 Backing Pad W0004-4 Foam Pads
W4000 Wool Pad W7000 Foam Cutting Pad W7006 Foam Cutting Pad
W7207 Foam Cutting Pad W8000 Foam Polishing Pad W8006 Foam Polishing Pad
W8207 Foam Polishing Pad W9000 Foam Finishing Pad W9006 Foam Finishing Pad
W9207 Foam Finishing Pad C2000 Clay Bar C2100 Clay Bar
  Marine Line  
M44 Color Restorer M45 High Gloss Polish M46 Gold Teak Oil
M47 Hard Water Spot Remover M49 Oxidation Remover M50 Cleaner Wax
M52 Quik Clean Marine M54 Boat Wash Gel M56 Boat/RV Wax
M57 Vinyl Conditioner M63 Flagship Marine Wax M64 Flagship Vinyl Cond.
M65 Flagship Marine Wash M67 One Step Compound M68 Deck & Hull Cleaner
M70 Black Streak Remover M71 Canvas Cleaner M72 Canvas Protectant
M91 Power Cut Compound M92 Marine Metal Guard M93 Marine Metal Polish
M94 Flagship Detailer MX2005 Water Magnet XL MX2035 Supreme Shine XL
MX2045 Super Terry XL MX2075 Super Suede XL MX2205 Natural Chamois XL
MX3015 Wash Mitt MX3075 Foam Applicator XL MX 3085 Microfiber App. XL
  Motorcycle Line  
MC200 EZ Clean Spray MC201 Detailer Mist MC202 Liquid Wax
MC203 Leather Conditioner MC204 Metal Polish MC205 Plastic Cleaner
X2000 Water Magnet X2020 Supreme Shine X2050 Terry Towels
X2070 Soft Touch Chamois X2100 Natural Chamois X3002 Microfiber Wash Mitt
X3070 Foam Applicator Pad X3080 Microfiber App.